Last month, we announced that we were initiating an independent investigation into allegations made against Ryan Morrison concerning his time at his former law firm several years ago, and that he had been immediately placed on leave pending the results. This investigation was conducted by Wagener Law, a highly experienced law firm that specializes in neutral, third-party investigations into workplace misconduct.

Wagener Law was given full authority to speak with anyone they felt necessary in order to make clear determinations regarding the veracity of the claims against Mr. Morrison, including current and former employees of his, as well as any other individuals who became known to the investigator. While it is unfortunate that those who made the allegations chose not to participate or supply additional evidence, their claims were fully analyzed by the investigator. Ryan Morrison had no involvement in the hiring of the investigators or the administration of the investigation.

Following the conclusion of the investigation and our review of the findings, we have determined that it is appropriate to fully reinstate Mr. Morrison at the agency.

This investigation showed that there was no evidence that Mr. Morrison engaged in any predatory behavior as alleged. We do note a past instance of poor supervisory judgment during a trip to Gamescom, where Mr. Morrison discovered upon arrival that the two beds in the Airbnb that he was meant to share with his employee were in the same room instead of two full bedrooms as intended. Although this was found to be credibly unintentional, Mr. Morrison should have made alternative arrangements. The evidence does however support the finding that they slept in separate beds, and our records show that this type of incident has not happened again since.
Mr. Morrison also acknowledges that he has made inappropriate jokes in the past, which were addressed with those he offended prior to the allegations being made public, and that he has taken steps to grow both personally and professionally.

It is important to highlight that the allegations contained clear misstatements concerning Mr. Morrison’s relationships and interactions with team owners. It is unsubstantiated that any of Mr. Morrison’s friendships with industry members have ever been secret, unethical or inappropriate. We wholeheartedly believe that Mr. Morrison has represented his clients to the best of his ability, and has in games as recent as Valorant, negotiated some of the highest salaries in the game for his clients.

Our agency places a great deal of importance on fostering a healthy company culture, focused around mutual respect, honesty and professionalism. We view this as essential in order to fulfill our mission of supporting our clients in their endeavors. In the pursuit of this mission, our staff will all be taking part in diversity, sensitivity and harassment training. Our agency will continue to take action against any behaviors that harm our ability to provide a positive work environment for all.

Following the conclusion of the investigation and his re-integration at the agency, Mr. Morrison has offered the following statement:

I have worked hard to be a supporter of marginalized groups in our industry since I started. However, I understand that we are only as good as our worst moments, and even though my missteps came from a place of ignorance and not malice, that does not excuse them. Years ago, when I heard I had upset those closest to me, I reached out to apologize, listen, and make amends. While the person I was early in my career is not reflective of who I am today, it does not absolve me of responsibility for my past lapses in judgment and I wholeheartedly apologize for my mistakes.

I have built my businesses to drive positive change in the industry, and I am in a privileged position to further this mission. I will passionately continue to help those I can through my everyday work and regular pro bono efforts at both Morrison Rothman and Evolved, and by being a better leader within the community.

We would like to thank our clients, staff and community for their support throughout this process. We invite any inquiries to be directed to Evolved’s leadership team at [email protected].